Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introduction and trial run

This is my first post to my new blog. Like it says, this will be my random thoughts and wonderings. I will post about my adventures and misadventures. I'll try to understand and share what they mean to me and what I've learned.

I live in northeastern USA and do most anything outdoors. I run, hike, camp, canoe, hunt and photograph. I help out with the local Boy Scout troop and lead a Venture Crew. Venturing is a division of Boy Scouts that is for the older youth, 14-21 and is co-ed. We have a high adventure crew who camps, rafts, and some of us have learned scuba diving. Our next trip is a cruise to the western Carribean where we will dive at Cozumel. I will have lots to say about that. It is next week, January 31 to February 5.

I am self employed as a contractor. I like old cars, especially Mustangs, and am working on a '52 Ford pickup truck. You can see that the truck is in the early stages. I actually had 2 cabs that had different bad parts. I cut them apart and welded the parts back together again.
My outdoor passion is running; trail running. I have run several 100 mile runs. I have big goals for this year and more beyond. I am fortunate to live in a rural area that has hundreds of miles of trails available to me. You WILL hear more about that.
Stop in and see what I'm up to.


  1. Well, yay, Steve, do I get to be your FIRST commenter??? Whooo! I'm important! Yay!

    You sure are an important reader on my blog.

    I've thought about getting into ultramarathons after hiking the AT. Should be a piece of cake after that :-)

  2. Actually I got into trail running after I hiked the AT because I had all that fitness and didn't want to lose the legs I had built. A very logical progression. A very similar, if not the same, group of people and attitude.
    Especially for you with your background.(I'm just saying.)